They tell us it should be easy. Natural, even.  

But, for women like us – strong, independent, ambitious women – the challenges and emotions are real.

Right at this moment, you’re exactly where you need to be.  

With our caring, generous and honest Tribe, this is your place to find expert information to help you make informed decisions for your family.

To learn practical skills and discover resources that will leave you feeling confident and empowered.

Let’s find the joy in parenting together – you’ve found your people, mama.

You’ve got this.


 Feeling overwhelmed and anxious about becoming a parent? 


Beyond Birth is a fully-immersive one-day experience that will arm you with the skills, knowledge and resources to begin your parenting journey with confidence.

Our experts will share all the tips and tricks Mums (and Dads) wish they knew before their baby was born – the stuff no one tells you until it’s too late!

The Beyond Birth Experience

Learn from Australia’s leading early-childhood experts as they discuss feeding, settling, sleeping, newborn care and first-aid

Practice real-life skills like swaddling, changing and bathing a baby


Have all your questions answered by our panel of mums and dads as they get real and raw about the realities of new parenthood

Connect with parents at the same stage of parenting (and facing the same challenges!) in our exclusive Beyond Birth Facebook community

Receive a luxe goodie bag filled with products you will need, love and actually use


Take home the Beyond Birth book jam-packed with information and practical resources; your ‘bible’ for when you arrive home with bubs!

While your labour may last for hours, your role as parent lasts a lifetime!

Embrace parenthood with confidence.

We did a birth class offered by our hospital when I was pregnant with Emily. The class was fine, except all the focus was on the birth and breastfeeding.

Once Emily was born, we realised we had no idea what to do with a newborn!
Knowing how to care for her and understanding the challenges faced by all first-time parents, would have made our experience less stressful and heaps more enjoyable.

I just wish Beyond Birth existed when I was pregnant!


Mum, 11 month old Emily


Whether you’re heading into the unknown (heya new Mama!), splashing around in the deep-end of baby life, or about to send a kid to school – we have reliable and consistent expert information to help you make informed parenting decisions that suit your family.



Children’s Technology, Learning & Development 

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a highly sought-after expert on young children and technology (and also a mum!).

With over 14 years experience in teaching and research, Kristy has a gift for cutting through media-hype and translating the latest research into practical and digestible information for today’s bamboozled parents and educators.



First Aid & Safety 

Nataly founded social enterprise WONDERWOMAN Children in 2015 to provide communities across Australia with affordable and accessible first aid education.

She delivers inspirational and fun first aid training courses, advocates for good quality education for educators and carers, and flies the flag for affordable and accessible first aid, safety and childhood development training.



Relationships & Behaviour 

Penny is a Child and Family Therapeutic Specialist and founder of Capacity Therapeutic Services

Penny is passionate about equipping equip all mums with the tools to support the social, emotional and behavioural needs of their children. She utilises what we know about the brain and development to formulate understanding and to guide the process of attunement between adults and children.




Speech & Language Development 

Claire has over 12 years experience working as a paediatric speech pathologist and is a mother herself to three beautiful children. She is passionate about early childhood speech and language education and intervention.

Claire owns and operates Malvern Speech Pathology, offering parent-led child-focused assessment and intervention of a range of speech and language concerns.



Children’s Feeding Specialist

Simone is a Food Therapist and the Founder of Play With Food. She runs tailored classes and workshops for fussy eaters and their parents.

She’s also the co-author of the Happy Mealtimes eCourse and author of two eBooks for parents wanting happy eating experiences with their kids.



Birth & Babies 

Hayley is a registered midwife working in Melbourne with Midwives and Mothers Australia (MAMA).

She also runs MAMA’S community-based childbirth education course, MAMABirth, and is an advocate for women-centred, evidence-based maternity care.



Women’s Emotional Wellbeing

Wendy is a mother of 2 young children, and the founder of Mind Momentum – Counselling for Women. She is passionate about supporting and empowering women to strengthen their emotional wellbeing and mental health.

Wendy supports women internationally, via a secure online therapy platform, as well as working with women face-to-face in Sydney. Wendy helps women struggling with overwhelm, worrying thoughts, anxiety, or feelings of sadness. She helps to turn these feelings around, so they can find more joy, peace and happiness in everyday life.

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