You are not alone

We’ve all been there. Searching desperately for that one-single answer to solve all our parenting problems. Feeling guilty about all the things we said we’d never do, but have since done. Not allowing a single trivial detail to escape the realms of our maternal angst.

The thing is this. Perfect Mum – that woman you see on Instagram, staring lovingly into her child’s eyes, without so much as a dirty laundry basket in sight – doesn’t actually exist. We’re here to help you bust through that misconception (and all the other lies we tell new mums) and radically transform your parenting experience. 

We promise that once you’re feeling CONFIDENT, SUPPORTED and HAPPY, you won’t actually miss Perfect Mum.

Sure, parenting will sometimes still catch you completely off-guard. And there will still be times when you’ll feel like you’ve failed at being a good parent. But guess what – that’s completely normal!  

As Australia’s first and uniquely parent-led resource, we pride ourselves on helping you find the joy in parenthood. Having faced the same parenting challenges ourselves – we understand the importance of providing reliable and consistent expert advice to help you make informed decisions that suit your family.

And in 2017, we’re expanding our focus Beyond Birth. This unique event combines expert advice with real and practical insight from actual parents to help to-be mums AND dads embrace parenthood with confidence. Join us as we remove the ‘shoulds’ from parenting and guide you through the complete journey—birth to beyond. 

I just listened to your Podcast episode with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz.

This week has been really hard and It’s exactly what I needed to hear tonight.

Thank you xx


Mum, 7 month old Lucas


MumLife Australia’s Lead-Mama, PANDA Community Champion & Mum of Two

I still remember those first frightening moments after bringing my newborn baby home from hospital. Everything felt so new and unfamiliar. And everywhere I looked, I was faced with images of Perfect Mum. From Instagram to Mother’s Group – It seemed like there was a competition for that elusive title!

And as a strong, successful and independent woman, those images of Perfect Mum shaped my entire expectations of motherhood.

So there I stood, a new and overwhelmed mum, on the slippery slope of mummy self-doubt. Every little decision seeming momentous and fraught with anxiety.  When my baby cried, unable to be comforted, my feelings of helplessness and overwhelm made me question e-v- e-r- y-t- h-i- n-g.

And when she didn’t take to breastfeeding, I felt an immense amount of guilt.

‘Would she be less intelligent? Would she be less successful? Would she be less happy? Would it be ALL MY FAULT?’

It wasn’t until I reached breaking point that I finally let go of my need to be perfect. And as soon as I accepted things as they were, other mums around me began to open up and share their difficulties as well.



Now a mum to two gorgeous girls (I know, I’m bias), I love watching their (cheeky but mostly kind) personalities grow into their own individual characters. Yes, life can still be a roll coaster at times, but with realistic expectations and greater preperation, the second time around has been an entirely different experience.

These are the resources and the support I wish were available when I was a first-time mum.