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PODCAST: Planning ahead – Making A Will and Choosing Guardians

For most families, making a Will is either in the too-hard basket or at the bottom of the to-do list. With limited time and resources, planning for death is almost considered a ‘luxury’ most of us don’t have.

But the message in this episode of the podcast is clear – your family will always be better off if you have a Will.

“If it’s too late, it’s already too late” – Jacqui Brauman

Our expert guest is Jacqui Brauman, principal solicitor of the all female law firm TBA Law. Jacqui has written and published In Case of Emergency, a practical guide for young families in the case of injury or death, and Death and Social Media, a guide to your digital estate planning.

What we’re talking about

  • The consequences of not having a will in place
  • Common misconceptions people have about wills
  • What’s involved in making a will
  • Tips for choosing guardians for children
  • Asking permission to appoint guardians
  • Protecting the best interests of your child, including the management of finances
  • Making superannuation death benefit nominations

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‘In Case of Emergency’ by Jacqui Brauman – eBook

‘Death and Social Media’ by Jacqui Brauman – Research paper

How to Appoint Legal Guardians to Protect Your Children’s Future by Jacqui Brauman – Webinar

Wills and Powers of Attorney – General information via ASIC’s MoneySmart

Connect with Jacqui

TLA law (Website, Facebook)

Jacqui Brauman (LinkedIn)

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