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PODCAST: The Wonder Weeks

In 1971 Dr Frans Plooij and his wife Hetty left for Gombe National Park (Tanzania) to study chimpanzees. For nearly two years they closely observed newborn chimpanzee babies at close range.

What they discovered in Tanzania would later be observed back home in human babies. And those findings would not only be the basis for book The Wonder Weeks, but they’d also be replicated by other researchers in Spain, Britain and Sweden.

This episode of the MumLife Australia podcast is all about the genetically determined and predictable mental development outlined in The Wonder Weeks. Our expert guest is none other than Dr Frans Plooij – researcher, professor and co-author of the book The Wonder Weeks.

What we’re talking about

  • Predictable leaps in mental development
  • The timing, frequency and duration of leaps and fussy phases
  • Genetically determined mental development versus traditional developmental milestones (e.g. walking and speech)
  • Growth spurts in babies and infants
  • The mastering of skills based on personality and preference
  • Increases in the volume and physical size of the train
  • The significance of ‘stormy’ and ‘sunny’ periods
  • The influence temperament on difficult periods
  • What happens after leap 10?

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Regression periods in human infancy (edited by Mikael Heimann)

Regression Periods in Infancy: A Case Study from Catalonia (Maria Sadurní and Carlos Rostan, University of Girona)

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