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For years, new breastfeeding mums have complained about damaged nipples, leaky boobs and low milk supply. Well thanks to the Breastfeeding Survival Kit, those days are finally over!

Ask any new mum and she’ll tell you that breastfeeding, although natural, is 100% a learned skill. And while you and your baby are learning to breastfeed in those first 4 to 6 weeks, you’ll probably experience sore, cracked and sometimes even bleeding nipples (ouch!)

The secret is this…are you listening?

The faster you repair your damaged nipples and recover from the initial discomfort of breastfeeding, the more enjoyable and successful your breastfeeding journey is likely to be!

And that’s exactly why the Breastfeeding Survival Kit, packaged conveniently in a cotton drawstring bag, is the perfect addition to your hospital bag.

Not only does it include Hydrogel Disks, Ventilated Breast Shells and Purified Lanolin to repair your damaged nipples – it also includes Cookies (yep, for real, cookies!) to help boost your initial milk supply, non-ventilated Breast Shells to collect milk and 2 pairs (!) of ultra-absorbent Bamboo Velour Breast Pads to keep you dry between feeds (especially overnight when your boobs are most likely to leak).

So what exactly is included in your Breastfeeding Survival Kit?

  • Hydrogel disks to soothe your sore nipples
  • Purified lanolin to repair your cracked or damaged nipple
  • Ventilated breast shells to protect sore nipples
  • Non-ventilated breastshells to collect breast milk
  • Lactation cookies to boost your milk supply (including a Gluten Free option)
  • Bamboo velour washable breastpads (2 pairs) to keep you dry between feeds
  • Cotton drawstring bag for storing your Breastfeeding Survival Kit

Plus, you have the option of adding: 

  • ‘Born to Breastfeed: The First 6 Weeks & Beyond’ – Our favourite and most practical breastfeeding resource written by Rowena Gray, a Melbourne-based IBLC certified lactation consultant.
  • Gift wrapping and a personalised gift card (for those who wish to gift the Breastfeeding Survival Kit)

All you need to do is choose your flavour of Franjos Kitchen Lactation Cookies, decide whether you’d like to add any extra, and we’ll do the rest for you. And don’t forget, shipping Australia-wide is FREE. 


So…what are you waiting for?

Breastfeeding Survival Kit


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But I’m still pregnant – do I purchase a Breastfeeding Survival Kit now or wait until my baby is born?

You know what mama? The most ideal time to buy your Breastfeeding Survival Kit is RIGHT NOW – while you’re still pregnant!

No, really it is. Your Breastfeeding Survival Guide is designed to be used from day 1 of your breastfeeding journey, through to weeks 4 – 6 (once breastfeeding is usually established).

Plus, the drawstring bag makes it so easy to throw your kit straight into your hospital bag – ready for the birth of your beautiful bundle of joy. 


This is fabulous, but what if I don’t end up breastfeeding my baby?

As mums ourselves, we completely understand. When it comes to birth and babies, sometimes even the best laid plans can go pear-shaped. But we’ve got your back.

Just return your kit in its original form and we’ll refund the amount that was originally paid. But first, get in touch with us directly at so we know to expect your return!


But I have dietary requirements – will I be able to eat the cookies included in the Breastfeeding Survival Kit?

Well, we certainly don’t think that you should miss out. 

That’s why we’ve specifically chosen Franjos Kitchen Tank Topper cookies which contain:

NO Dairy , NO eggs . NO refined flour , NO refined sugar, NO preservatives, NO additives.

The range is suitable for Vegans, and for gluten free cookies, select the Gluten Free Chocolate Chip option from the cookie selection.

How good is that, mama?


Wait a minute, the Breastfeeding Survival Kit would be the perfect Baby Shower gift. Do you offer gift wrapping?

Yes, yes yes! We totally love the giving of practical and useful Baby Shower gifts, so we think you’ve made a brilliant choice. Okay, so we might be a bit biased but really, how many cutsie blankets and stuffed teddies does one baby really need?!

All you need to do is choose the Gift Wrapping & Gift Card option from the Optional Add Ons, complete your gift card message and leave the rest to us. 

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!


Ooopsie, I’ve left it too late to place an order – do you offer express shipping?

Don’t fret – you’re busy, we get it! Just choose the Express Shipping option in the Shipping Option and we’ll get your delivery to you pronto.


I don’t live in Australia, but would love to buy your Breastfeeding Survival Kit. Do you ship these internationally?

We do love our Aussie mamas, but hey, what the hell – we’re all for spreading the love! Just get in touch with us directly at and we can confirm the delivery cost.